May 31, 2007

Le Clos de Montmartre

Many of you may already know about this, but anyhow...

A few centuries ago, there used to be a lot of vineyards in and around Paris and the wine was supposed to be of good quality – at least for the taste of those days. Then, as more space was needed for housing and as transports from other areas became easier, most of the vineyards disappeared. There are anyhow a few left; four small ones in Paris and some other small ones in the suburbs.

The most famous Paris vineyard can be found at Montmartre. Some locals, led by a famous illustrator and cartoonist, Fransique Poulbot, took the initiative to occupy some space and stop the construction of new apartment houses. Instead vine planting was made and in 1933 the “Clos de Montmartre” was inaugurated by the President of the Republic (!!!), Albert Lebrun, a great wine lover.

There are some 1900 plants, generally producing some 1700 50 cl bottles. It’s not (yet) the best red wine you can find, but it’s said to get better and better. The vineyard is kept by the Paris municipality.

There is a much visited celebration taking place each year in October at the end of the harvesting. The wine is sold during a yearly auction – you cannot just go and find it in a shop - and the benefits go to different local social welfare actions. One of these small 50 cl bottles would normally today cost some 50€ (65-70 US$, 30-35 UK£).


Keshi said...

Very interesting!


Olivier said...

comme dit Keshi, tres interessant, je ne connaissais pas.

lyliane six said...

C'est vraiment pour avoir du vin de Paris si on l'achète, car ça doit être un sacré "picrate".La fête est très populaire, mais il y a trop de monde,comme partout maintenant à Paris.

Kate said...

Wonderful commentary. Sounds like October is a great month!!

hpy said...

50 euros pour un vin rouge qui est en train de s'améliorer, ça fait cher!

EMNM said...

50 cl cost some 50€???!!!!!!!!!!
My God! the wine in France generally is expensive but 50cl 50 € it´s very very expensive.

Mona said...

Ah France! & its distilleries.
Wines & perfume & Haute Couture!

& of course Louvre..The best of them all...& Moulin Rouge...

& I love that new profile Picture!!

Nathalie H.D. said...

Bien sur, je connais le vin de Montmartre, une curiosite!
Bonnes libations!

Anonymous said...

ben tu l'ouvres quand la bouteille?

Peter said...


Of course, this really expensive, especially for a not very good wine. But the profits go to charity and I believe that's the major objective.


Sorry, I don't have this wine in my cellar. However, if you promise to come this way, I will do my best to find a bottle!

Ash said...

Tres interesting!

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting post today about the vineyards in and around Paris. I enjoyed reading it and then went on to read the post yesterday about meeting the tv personality.

You asked about how many birds I have here and I never thought about that before. I have several hundred photographs of each kind and will have to count them all and let you know.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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Around the World said...

Your blog has been included in our new guide.
Please keep us informed of any changes to it.

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Chuckeroon said...

Well, Peter, I'm not sure how low end British hair cuts fit in with meeting Parisian celebs..but since you ask...£8.00 is a "going rate" but of course it's also quite normal for a lot of self respecting chaps to pay £20.00. tks for the visit.

Keshi said...

**comme dit Keshi, tres interessant, je ne connaissais pas.

wut does that mean?


final_transit said...

I wonder how these vineyards survive the real estate pressure and still operate in the city of Paris. Their operational costs, labor, etc must also be higher. Do they price their products at a premium? or do they get Government subsidy.
(sorry for that perspective, but I'm a business student!)

Peter said...

Dear final_transit:

I have tried to find out something about the financial side, however without much success. I know that for the Clos de Montmartre Paris municipilaty takes care and there is also a lot of volunteers = free of charge. The auctions should bring in something like 80 000 € (?). Officially, there are benefits which go to different local welfare operations. Have not been able to find the "books".

black feline said...

for a good cause...I will drink to that!

Kunterbunt said...

I know it, too, but it belongs to Montmartre, to the quieter part. It's always astonishing to see wine grow there.

final_transit said...

thanks Peter!

Linda said...

Hi, I bought a bottle of the wine from the vin de clos montmarte in 2005, from a wine store for 35 Euro. The store was on the road that runs at the bottom of the St. Vincent cemetary. Does anyone know the name of this store or the address. Also does anyone know the name of the charity that the procedes go to. I am writing about this vineyard for a school project in Canada and would appreciate any info you can pass on.

Merci, linda

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