October 31, 2007

Something very small

Returning to Paris with my posts, I will start in a very modest way: One single and small photo of what is the smallest building in Paris - with its own street number. The address is 39, rue de Château-d’Eau, 10th arrdt. The building is about 1,2 m wide and 5 m high (3,3 x 16 ft).

It seems that this was originally a narrow opening leading to another street, but after some heritage quarrel, someone decided to obstruct the passage. There used to be a tiny shop, obviously closed, but someone seems to live behind the only window.

The “narrow” sign in front of the building was there for some road works, but I feel that it was at its right place!

The street name (the Water Tower Street) could possibly interest especially one blogger who has a passion for nice and decorated water towers. I’m sorry hpy, there is no water tower around. It seems that there used to be some kind of fountain.


lyliane said...

Je tiens le coup ce soir, car fini le rêve d'Amérique du Sud. Revenons à la réalité parisienne, bien intéressante et instructive sur ton blog.

isabella said...

Well...I guess I could live there (it is still Paris, after all)...but where would I hang my widescreen tv ;-)))

Emily Lin said...

This is the smallest building I've ever seen, probably. With its 1.2m wide of length, I doubt what shop could it be in the past time. But it's cute! ;))

Ash said...

Small is beautiful!! Really, it looks so cute.

Azer Mantessa said...

wow, this is great as this is so rare.

hpy said...

So, you already replied to my question!!! (What can I say now?)

Olivier said...

c'est peut être la plus petite maison de Paris. Il va falloir que je commence un régime, si je veux pouvoir rentrer dans cette maison.

matritensis said...

who live there? an egyptian?

hpy said...

May I say that I like this post very much, and not only because of the inexistant water tower.

Glenn Standish said...

Wow! What a tiny building. Not one for the claustrophics!!!

Peter said...

On va voir ce que ça va donner!

Maybe better with a (small) flat screen. An old TV would occupy half of the space!

It seems that the last shop was for baby clothes - very small babies only, I suppose!

Small, but cute?

Peter said...

Great, I don't know; small for sure!

You thought it over and came back later, as I can see!

Keep the size you feel happy with! The shop seems anyhow to be closed.

Shall I go back and ask?

Peter said...

Are you?

Nathalie in Avignon said...

What a fun way to return to Paris!
The 'road narrows' sign in front of it seems so appropriate too! Not only the road apparently!

Now if "something very small" was the theme for city dp bloggers, you'd be the clear winner. I had never heard of the tiniest house in Paris, this is fascinating!
Who could live in a room 4 foot wide? I hope it's only a toilet or bathroom, an extension of the building next door!

Glad you enjoyed the "view from my bedroom". Yes I still miss Sydney very much but living here offers a nice compensation.

Cergie said...

Tu as fait fort pour reprendre contact avec tes posts parisiens !
Au fond habiter dans cette étroite échoppe n'est pas pire que d'habiter dans un donjon !
(Sauf si le voisin de gauche joue du piano et celui de droite de la cornemuse)

richard said...

Like Nathalie, the street sign jumped at me - did you "contrive" that? (NB I emailed you separately for some advice on Paris hotels, but I'm not sure I have the correct email address)

ruth said...

How very sweet! It's funny you'd post this at this time, because my husband and I just drove by a tiny building here and noted it, wondered why it was built, etc.

SusuPetal said...

Absolutely charming and so little to clean up!

delphinium said...

ahahah le commentaire de cergie m'a fait rire, elle est en forme ces jours-ci, par contre moi, je dépéris dans mon humeur, c'est la fin du mois, je dois être fatiguée. Est-ce vraiment le bâtiment qui est petit ou alors la photo qui est petite?

Cela doit vous faire bizarre quand même de revenir aux posts parisiens. Après ce grand voyage haut en couleurs. En tous les cas, je vous remercie de vos différents posts qui m'ont appris beaucoup de choses. Bonne soirée peter et bonne nuit.

Chuckeroon said...

Hmmm, so Paris is trying to rival London with the "£1/2 million broom-cupboard for sale".

Ming the Merciless said...

Gosh, it must have really tight spaces inside. But I guess when one lives in there, one won't feel it as much.

Peter said...

Yes, the look from your bedroom is certainly much nicer than the view from this place!

Et moi qui joue du piano et jouait de la cornemuse!

No, I mentioned it also in my post, but the sign was just there, very appropriately! (I did recieve your mail, will revert soonest.)

Peter said...

Life is full of coincidences!

Always see the positive side of things!

Toujours plaisir de vous lire, même quand vous êtes fatiguée. Reposez-vous!

Heather said...

"Water Tower Street"...

Perhaps a part of the ancient Roman aquaducts lie beneath the street? There was a fascinating episode on the subject on "Cities of the Underworld" (History Channel) not too long ago.

That narrow space would be perfect as a writer's studio -- no room for distractions!

Peter said...

I did not check the price for this house or flat. Maybe not too expensive, unless it gets famous!

If you live in couple (or more), it may create some difficulties.

Zhang said...

Cette maison est petite, mais elle peut être profonde. Est-ce que tu sais si elle est profonde? Si oui, elle ne serait pas si petite qu'elle ne nous apparaît. A Hanoï, bp de maisons sont étroites, mais profondes, très! Parce que le prix de la maison varie en fonction de sa largeur. (Que je ne dis pas de bêtises)

Peter said...

J'avoue que je n'ai pas verifé! Tu as raison pour Hanoï et Vietnam en général. Même à la campagne les masions isolées sont souvent étroites; je crois c'est lié au taxes.

Ash said...

Yes, I actually find it very cute!

Keshi said...

awwwww I wanna live in that small building :) very cute!


catherine said...

How funny is that picture ! I think that you can find vrey small houses in Montmartre also, but taht one is the smallest I've ever seen !

Shionge said...

Sure looks narrow...I think I can still fit in right kekeek...

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

hah Peter,
a very narrow house indeed, when you have ever been to AMSTERDAM, there' is also a very narrow house, but with also 3/4 floors , so also very high!!!

I like the way you posted this photo, overall I like single photo's better, but in some cases ( lik our holiday or when you want to postmore pics) a collage is better... I always love your informative style...

Feeling home again in your Paris?

Greetings JoAnn

Peter said...

Let's then say that it IS cute!

You also seem to gor "cute"! Soon a majority!

Yes, it seems "officially" to be the smallest one!

Peter said...

Of course you will! Now, if you wish to bring your family, you may have a problem!

Of course I have been to the beautiful city of Amsterdam - full of narrow houses. But that narrow?
I have the problem always that I like to put in (too) many photos. In this case, it was quite easy to choose just one!
Yes, I feel clearly at home... I am at home!

Cuckoo said...

That small one is just perfect for me. I want to live there.

So adorable!

Cergie said...

Je le savais of course ! Tu me l'as déjà dit (les deux choses que tu jouAIS, parce que tu as donné ta cornemuse.)
Peter, je repasse plus tard. C'est comme un Week end et j'ai mon fils. Hachis parmentier fait maison ce midi. Un sapré boulot. Et une de ces vaisselle (heureusemt déjà faite).

A table! Alors à plusse !

Anonymous said...

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