December 15, 2007

Mid-month-theme: subway day

Normally I don’t post during weekends, but here is an exception as it “must” be done on the 15th day of the month. It gives me also the chance to wish you a nice weekend!

For the second time, I participate in a common “mid-month-theme” about subways (or underground, métro, tunnelbana) together with New York and Stockholm. This month’s theme is a “sign” to be found in a metro (subway…) station.

This one was taken in the “Louvre-Rivoli” station, which is a bit differently decorated and “signed” compared to most other Paris metro stations – a bit more “classy”; the station is full of (copies of) statues and other pieces of art exposed at the Louvre.

You can find today’s posts and some other subway posts by using the following links:


Per Stromsjo said...

Happy subway day Peter!

April said...
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April said...

Ooops, that waas me, I'll try again to put a link correctly.

I like the Parisian métro so much. There are so wonderful stations and there is so much of Paris' soul in it. Do you know that green one?
see here

'Through-JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

Hi Peter,
Yes the subways.... or metro.. hmmm I will not forget our weekn in Paris without the subway..

"normally" I do not visit too many blogs during the weekend not post 2 post's (friday And saterday) nut I wanted to finish an Xmas-serie...

Come and look at my blog and see my series of alternative christmas decoration. Have a great weekend!

JoAnn greetings,

Ming the Merciless said...

I love the Parisian subway signs. Brings me great memories of trip to Paris.

Cergie said...

Louvre-Rivoli, une station de Guimard à l'extérieur aassi si je me souviens bien. (Je me perds un peu avec toutes ces stations qui desservent le Louvre). Comme celle que tu as postée le mois dernier. Toutes les stations sont différentes et on peut faire un vrai voyage juste en arpentant le métro.
Je serais intéressée éventuellemt par ce theme mensuel, comme je te l'ai dit. J'adore les voies de circulation en commun. Le métro et le RER notamment

En anglais, "sign" signifie signalisation. Cela est un faux ami en français, on pense plutôt à "signe".
Bon fin de dimanche, Pete...

Red Ink said...

Underground art ! Excellent. Soon we'll be seeing above trains in art gelleries.

Well, with all the enthusiasm for old steam locomotives, it is only a matter of time before somebody finds some artisitic merit in the design of an engine.

Peter said...

Thanks, the same to you!

Thanks; I did not know that one. Now I do!

Yes, I know you picked the "wrong" week for your last Paris trip. There are sometimes some strikes in France!

Peter said...

I could say about NYC!

Peter said...

I can see that you would be interested in joining. Transmitting to Stockholm and New York!

red ink:
Without talking about old engines, what you can say about the metro stations is that some have kept more or less the original design, some have been modernised / changed. This is one of them which looks different.

Ash said...

Good one!

Ruth at flying said...

Yes, this one is always special, even if you don't get off and just look out the window.