September 25, 2007

Graffiti - again

Yesterday I made three posts - I added a last one in the evening concerning an interview that Cuckoo made on her blog. To compensate, today I will make an easy one.. and also almost repeated.

I already some three months ago made a post on two painted storefront shutters. The shop (bar and restaurant) owners in a small street which is on my short way to or from Montmartre, rue Cavallotti (18th arrdt.), decided a few years ago to let some painters decorate their shutters. Their hope was probably to avoid some improvised and not really wished graffiti (or tags). Some quite professional jobs were done and the shutters were decorated “with the manner of…” different well-known artists. Already in my previous post I mentioned that only two shutters have since been left almost untouched, but all the other ones have been “tagged”. The other day, Sunday early afternoon, all the blinds were down rue Cavallotti. So, I could again take some photos of the almost intact “Modigliani” and “Vermeer”, but also of all the others. It’s today hardly possible to see to which artists the others were supposed to refer (you can guess Gauguin on one). Graffiti can be nice if well done on appropriate places, but I think this is really a pity. Some young painters have obviously been hired by the shop owners to make the original work – and quite nicely - and then some others have not seen the “value” of this. … and why were two left? By a specific respect for Modigliani and Vermeer? I doubt.

In another previous post, now some four months ago, I also showed some graffiti made elsewhere on other shop shutters. (In my previous posts I called the shutters “stores” – like it’s said in French. What’s the correct word? Shutter, blind…? I hope you have understood.)


Keshi said...

somehow I dislike Graffiti. :)


Cuckoo said...

I liked the first two very much. Hope they'll remain untouched like that.

In India we call them shutters. Blinds are for windows.

hpy said...


hpy said...

Not your, their!

Olivier said...

evidement il y en a pour tous les gouts, mais tu peut faire des post sur les graffitis encore et encore, j'adore ça.
Cela me donne une idee....

SusuPetal said...

That's a pity. The individuality of man seems to destroy the brain.

Glenn Standish said...

Fantastic work of art contrasted with shockingly bad graffiti. Once again a really interesting post Peter!

Matritensis said...

I don´t like graffities, generally the most of them are only dirty signs but the Vermee´s graffiti is very beautiful

Emily Lin said...

I like the top one because it's somewhat different from the typical graffiti around the streets. They are like some art pieces in some gallery down the streets. :)

But I didn't say I hate graffiti as shown in the 2nd picture. My sister told me that graffiti is very interesting to play with and I definitely will follow her for some graffiti-drawing in some hidden streets where people do their graffiti at. :P

Anonymous said...

In the early 1960s when I was painting and going to art shows, I sometimes thought about making a canvas with ridges on the surface. When I prime the canvas I was wanting to make groves in the paint and let it dry. Then I would paint one side of all the groves with one scene or thing that could only be seen when you come from that side. When you passed the center of the canvas that and the left side, for example became nothing but color. Then when you were far enough away so you could only see the other side of the groves or ridges you could see what I had painted on that side.

That was my long-time goal. And before I every accomplished it successfully, somebody came out with the same thing in plastic and used it for many years in advertising.

I did enjoy this post, Peter, and I had forgotten about the shutter thing until I saw your post. It reminded me of the painted ridges thing and also the venetian blinds thing where I painted a scene or portrait on the closed blinds and then when opened the picture disappeared.

Those were the days when my creative juices worked better than they do now.

hpy said...

C'est ces jours ci (ou la semaine prochaine) que tu pars?

Olivier said...

pour repondre à une de tes questions, oui l'orgue est toute neuve, elle a ete faite specialement pour la fete des associations. j'avoue avoir ete tourner la manivelle et c'est pas facile de rester dans le bon tempo (surtout moi, qui n'est aucun sens du rhytme)

Peter said...

I think it depends on how it's done and where it's done.

I hope the same!

Be careful about your language..., but in this case I think that you are right!

Peter said...

J'attends pour voir!

Yes, in this case it's really a pity!

I think we are in line!

Peter said...

I repeat that my feeling is that graffiti CAN be nice, but not always!

We can agree that the top ones are nice; maybe hardly to be described as graffiti.
So you will be out on a tour with your sister! Please do it where it's just becoming a nice decoration, not "destroying" anything... and show us photos of the result!

Tell me what you have NOT done, amazing old man (once young)!!!

Peter said...

Ces jours ci. Je vais l'annoncer.

Pas de sens pour le rythme, toi qui aime tellement la musique?

Ash said...

Wow - thats Vermeer. I LOVE Vermeer!!!

Wonderful images, thanks for sharing!!!

Ming_the_Merciless said...

The first two graffiti are amazing. Very nicely done.

Anonymous said...

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Peter said...

You are not the only one to love Vermeer!!

Yes, I hope it will remain untouched for a while!


black feline said...

i love graffiti art...unfortunately back called illegal graffiti...if caught will land u with a few strokes on your butt!

Marguerite said...

Il y a trois mois déjà que tu as fait ce message sur Vermeer et Modigliani ? Comme le temps passe, j'ai l'impression que c'était hier...
Par contre, je trouve que le temps ne passe guère vite depuis que tu es parti. Tu reviens bientôt j'espère, avec un poncho et un bonnet en poil de lama si tu veux, mais reviens...

Ce message était peut-être "facile" comme tu dis, ça dépend pour qui. Pour toi, oui, sans doute. Mais il livre d'intéresssantes réflexions sur le respect de l'art reconnu comme tel et institutionnalisé
Comment sont donc traités aujourd'hui les aristes qui peut-être demain seront côtés des fortunes en salle des ventes ?

Neva said...

My 100th post is Saturday...come for a visit!