September 24, 2007


This is my third post today!

I had the great honour to be interviewed by one of the blogging stars, Cuckoo, who lives in Mumbai, India. It was of course – unfortunately - a virtual interview, but very realistic – there was even a tiger present!

She made a few other interviews and I believe that she is prepared to make some more, so if you want to be one of her “victims”, don’t hesitate to tell her. In any case, I would recommend that you visit her very entertaining blog – of course, many of you know her and her blog already!

Here are the links to Cuckoo’s blog and to the interview!


Cuckoo said...

Oh, so my Tiger is world famous now. :-)

Thank you very much Peter for this wonderful interview. You were amazingly calm during the interview, never ever provoked the Tiger and your answers were quite detailed and honest.

I actually grinned ear to ear while taking the interview.

Cheers !

Nathalie said...

All right, I'm off to the cuckoo's nest to read you there. Cheers!

krystyna said...

Hi Peter!
I had a great time listening to such the smart, wonderful and funny interview.
You are both fantastic! Not to mention the Tiger.
Big thanks and hugsss to all!

Peter said...

Thanks, but all compliments should be addressed to Cuckoo - a bit less to the tiger!

hpy said...

Compliments to the three of you!

Sonia said...

Hi Peter! I went to Cuckoo's blog and I enjoyed so much your interview! It's a way to know you better! Congratulations to you both!

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Loved the interview, Peter.

It was funny and charming at the same time.

Ash said...

Enjoyed the interview....very interesting!!

Zhang said...

Je n'ai pas pu lire tout l'interview: chaque fois que j'essaie d'ouvrir le blog de Cuckou, il bloque, hier comme aujourd'hui. C'est un problème de mon pc? Ca m'étonne. Pq avec d'autres sites? C'est le problème de son blog? Pq vous avez réussi tous? Bizarre! Ce que j'ai pu lire est très intéressant. Bravo à Cuckou!

black feline said...

that's interesting...cuckoo looks like betty boo huh?

Cuckoo said...

To All,
Merci beaucoup. Peter was wonderful giving me the detailed answers.

Thank you very much for liking the interview. If anyone is interested in the interview please leave your URL & mail-id with me. I'll come back to you.

Note- My Tiger will also be there. :-)