August 10, 2007

Cité de Trévise

The day before yesterday, I had the intention to take some pictures, but when I went out, I met this, so I decided to postpone.

Yesterday I met another problem; my camera protested. I bought a new one, supposed to be better (Canon Powershot G7, 10,0 Mega Pixels, 6X zoom, 35-210mm F 2,8-4,8…), nothing to be compared with Abraham Lincoln’s equipment, but anyhow…So now you can tell me what I rather should have bought.). The battery was not really charged, but on my way home I managed to take a few photos and that’s all I will show you today.

This is a little square, well hidden, but I happened to know about it as for some years I used to have my office quite close to here. It’s called “Cité de Trévise”. It’s very calm; a small green place in the middle, with a nice fountain (bad luck – no water), surrounded by some very nice buildings. It all dates from about 1840.

You can reach the square from two long narrow stone paved streets. Alexandre Dumas lived on this one (first building to the right).

Unfortunately there is nothing to do, no café, even no place to sit down…but some park benches seem to be planned.

It’s certainly a place where at least I would be happy to have a flat! (I’m OK where I am now also.)

You can find the original pictures on my photo blog.


Azer Mantessa said...

luv the greeny area nearby the office ... ooo man ... luvly.

Keshi said...


Ur camera is a pretty good one btw.


lyliane said...

C'est vrai que le quartier est un peu tristounet, mais ça doit être calme.Même les hortensias sont assortis à la seule couleur du jardin: le vert. Pourtant dans la maison d'Alexandre Dumas à Bougival c'est très romantique et le jardin est très coloré. La connais tu? C'est encore gris ce matin, mais j'espère que la pluie va cesser. Bonne journée.

Olivier said...

voila encore un endroit, qui fait de Paris un grand village. Le temps n'etait pas à la promenade ;o)

Shionge said...

I am clueless when it comes to camera but I trust that you have good taste Peter and look forward to more photos :D

Have a great weekend :D

Anonymous said...

You did well. You got a Canon. That's good. You also got one with the original battery charge still in it. That's remarkable.

The photos are disheartening because it shows you have plenty of rain water and we still have none after three months. More or less. We get clouds. But the rain goes somewhere else. Paris maybe.

I am anxious to see your new camera pictures. Take advantage of the rain and use it in your pictures. It is an opportunity you may not have next year.

Abraham Lincoln

Chuckeroon said...

Peter, I'm sure you'll do well with that Canon...Bluey in Dubai has a similar model. I'm an Olympus fan myself having 28mm-100mm. I do envy you having a 210mm max. I think that for me the "compact" format is good.

I noticed your rain on the weather map last night...pse keep it there, at least for a few more days!

SusuPetal said...

In my opinion, a certain label on a camera, is not important, I've never been into that. I've seen bad photos taken with excellent cameras and magnificent lenses, and then, you can get a suberb photo with quite a rotten camera. It's the one, who takes the photos, that matters. His or hers visions, ambitions, ideas, creativity etc. Technics is never alone the master.

I know many disgree with me, they swear on technical details, and that's ok for me. That is their vision. I have another one.

Have a nice weekend, Peter, jag skall till stugan!

hpy said...

I'm too busy to comment today.

m said...

like your series

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

10 mega pixels! Am sure you're able to capture all details.
Nice work, as always.

GMG said...

Hi Peter, some days off with lots to do and some beautiful posts I was running the risk to miss!
Loved the new Bercy quarter, with the Cour St. Emilion, the new Cinemathèque, the Mitterand library, and all the rest... Spend lots of time on different occasions at the huge, immense MoF...
Haven't seen the "moai" from Rachid Khimoune. Have to go back there again!
The doorways are typical Paris and fantastic. Loved to see!
Cité de Trévise is nice, but pouring in August, I wonder how does Paris plage looks like...
New camera! How do you live with zoom 6x? Enough?
Have a nice weekend!

Peter said...

Some comments about the camera, which still is a compact one, but, according to the convincing sales guy, the best they could offer in that range for the moment (next week there will be something better). I have no ambition to make technically advanced photos. I will probably just go on and put it on "automatic" as usual. I may be tented though to try to use the zoom a littel bit more. Let's see.

April said...

Wonderful to find such quiet places in the big city. I have a little book about places in Cologne called 'oasis'. I wish I had more time, but time will come. (I used some time lately to visit Lüttich/Liège which is not too far from Cologne. But the photos are not for the Cologne blog).

Your camera: I think you have made a good choice. My first one was a Canon and all the following were Canons, too. I have the S3 IS and I don't want to have a bigger one to carry around with me.