August 11, 2007

Cité Véron

A few meters from Moulin Rouge, there is a small side street tat I discovered by chance. It’s called Cité Véron.

Different from the street in front, here you can suddenly find a complete calm. I met an old gentleman who wondered what I was doing there; not used to “tourists” with a camera. Consider that that we are so close to Moulin Rouge, Pigalle and all the rest…

Actually I managed to slightly climb a wall and then you can see the roof and the backside of Moulin Rouge. Less captivating than the front!

The very kind gentleman told me that some personalities used to live here, names which say a lot to a Frenchman and maybe some others: Jacques Prévert and Boris Vian were neighbours and shared the same balcony.

Somebody seems to have discovered that under some old painting, there was an old manifest and then left it there without repainting on it (sincere thanks). I have difficulties to read it in complete, but it’s obviously a quite revolutionary text. The man portrayed below seems to have some kind of Marx beard, but it’s not him. ??

This is what I could read. Someone ready to fill in?

“NOUS VOUL…révolution universelle… culturelle…politique…. fondé sur…nation et sur le…d’autorité…pour les travailleurs, liberté pour tous les oppr… inateurs et exploiteurs de toute sorte… tous les états…apelles politiques ou re…Il s’agit de détruire… stitutions et les lois…policières…ersitaires, économ…les hommes délivrés du trav…leur liberté. »
You can find the original pictures on my photoblog.


GMG said...

Incredible cités you're discovering in Paris!

Anonymous said...

Did I tell already, that it`s very easy to get lost in Paris? I am very talented in that! And always, when I have decided to cut through,
I have gone to streets like that or even to a ded end of street.
Also in the middle of
Rome ( or near Pantheon at least )you can find accidentally streets almost like this.
I have once walked from La Defense
to the center of Paris with my younger daughter, those streets were very easy to go, no danger to get lost :)( (Axe historique )

April said...

That's a phantastic discovery and that's what I like when strolling big cities: finding paths where no tourists go. I'm glad you discover such places for us and the revolutionary poster is a great find.-

And, additionally, I think that is typical for Montmartre: you can find regions there where no tourists go.

Asian Models Blogger said...
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Ming_the_Merciless said...

I enjoyed reading this post because I love finding little places off the beaten path when I travel, I guess to make the trip more personal.

Sounds like you found one for yourself.

black feline said...

Paris is indeed a city of surprises..u might see me one day having coffee at a sideway