November 22, 2007

Aujourd'hui... rien!

Aujourd’hui… rien, Today… nothing !

This is what Louis XVI wrote in his journal for the 14th of July 1789, the day of the Bastille.

Actually, what he meant is that nothing had happened during the daily hunt. He learnt about the Bastille only later in the night and then asked “Is this a revolt?”. Rather phlegmatic about it all.

Actually, what I mean is that there will not be any real post today. Still painting… for another week or more.


Keshi said...

Happy Painting Peter :)


Ming the Merciless said...

It is a 4-day holiday weekend for us in the US. We will be eating as much food as Louis XVI at the Versailles.

lyliane said...

Et on lui a répondu: "non sire c'est une révolution".Bonne barbouille encore aujourd'hui.

Olivier said...

j'espere que tu finiras la journée plus tranquillement que Louis XVI :o). Bonne peinture

hpy said...

Et gare à toi si tu ne reviens pas, car ce sera la révolution!

Azer Mantessa said...

like the way you put it ... creative :-)

happy painting :-)

Sonia said...

I know this quote, it's very famous!

Just stopping by to say hello and wish to you a nice day!

Glenn Standish said...

So...I see France is still on strike!!! ;-)

delphinium said...

chez moi non plus, rien, le vide intersidéral

Anonymous said...

Just so you know. I came. I read. I saw.

Chuckeroon said...

What a contrast between this report and the frantic blather and pseudo-analysis of today's 24 hr news culture....Today, rien would accompanied by endless phone ins and tell us what you thinks about...nothing.

april said...

Oh, I hope your arms won't hurt.

SusuPetal said...

Nice days, Peter!

alice said...

Quelle jolie façon de tourner ce "rien" de ta part! Toujours rien côté tendinite, j'espère ;-)

Matritensis said...

OK, Peter Buonarroti ;)

Neva said...

I am feeling very sore for you.

Cergie said...

Se retourner sur l'histoire est plus aisé que de la faire. Voilà ce que prouve la phrase de Louis XVI.

Peter said...

Thanks for encouraging me!

Bon appétit!!

Tu connais bien ton historie!

Peter said...

Merci! J'ai bien dormi, sans être reveillé par des mauvaises nouvelles!

Il faut absolument éviter une révolution sanglante!

Sincere thanks!

Peter said...

Hello, and the same to you!

It's over now! France can't live without strikes!

Je suis sur que ça durera pas!

Peter said...

Veni, vidi...

Yes, the news media were not as today!

Well... thinking about it. ... and my knees!

Peter said...

Nice...? Yes, I guess. At least a change!

Pas de tendenite, mais un peu de souffrance quand même!

We gave up the idea to copy Michelangelo; just plain one colour walls. Tough enough!

Peter said...

Thaks for your sympathy!

Tu as bien raison - comme d'habitude!

Mona said...

AH! quotable quote quoted! :D