November 12, 2007


Just behind the Luxembourg Gardens there is a small, museum dedicated to Ossip Zadkine. This was also the house, surrounded by a garden, where he lived and worked most of his life. It would be better to know the address to this place if you wish to find it, as it’s more or less hidden behind tall buildings, so here it is: 101 bis, Rue d’Assas, 6th arrdt (Montparnasse).

Zadkine was born in Russia (today Belarus) in 1890, moved to Paris around 1910 (and to this house, in 1928) where he lived until his death in 1967. Of Jewish (and Scottish) extraction, he spent the years of World War II in the U.S..

Zadkine, who also painted (like his wife), wrote poems…, is of course known for his sculpturing, with influence basically from cubism and also from primitive art. The most famous may be the “Destroyed City” in Rotterdam (photo Google). He is represented in museums, parks… all around the world.

I took photos not only at the museum, but also of a statue in the Luxembourg Gardens.

Zadkine made several sculptures linked to van Gogh, which you now can find e.g. at Zundert where van Gogh was born, but also at Auvers-sur-Oise where Vincent ended his life and also is buried. Cergie kindly offered me this photo, taken at Auvers.

Although the museum may seem small, the collection is big, maybe some 100 sculptures, including in the garden. It’s clearly worth the visit.

JoAnn kindly offered me a THANK YOU award. “This award I designed (c-jw) to nominate friendly blog-people. Why? Because I am very pleased by your BLOG-friendship and therefore I want to NOMINATE you with My own designed "THANK YOU" Award. Your friendship makes me smile, I am so happy to know you! Thank you, for your kind and sweet friendship! » So, a big THANK YOU to JoAnn !


Azer Mantessa said...

zadkine da man :-)

Kate said...

Sometimes the real gems are the smaller museums. Interesting artist and lucky for any Paris visitor to have the address. Thoughtful of you, Peter.

Keshi said...

marvellous sculptures!


Drama Div@ said...

nice but im not really into museums tho...

Ming the Merciless said...

Great inside information on the artist. I never even heard of him.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I have to rest now and get my big cup of cacao-coffee, after reading and watching your posts, so much information and beautiful photos. Thank you for them!

Olivier said...

ces statues sont superbes, j'aime beaucoup ce style de sculpteurs.

These statues are superb, I love this style of sculptors.

lyliane said...

Contrairement à Olivier, je n'aime pas ce genre de sculptures, tous les goûts sont dans la nature! c'est pour celà que je ne connaissais pas ce monsieur.Les statues du jardins du Luxembourg sont magnifiques , Qui les a faites? C'est peut être écrit dans ton texte, mais je n'ai pas beaucoup de temps non plus en ce moment.

SusuPetal said...

I remember those statues from Luxembourg Gardens, just didn't know the sculpturer.
Now I know.

Delphinium said...

Bonjour Peter, moi j'aime bien ces sculptures, surtout celle du musicien. En été, il ne doit pas avoir chaud celui-là, l'air passe à travers et doit lui chatouiller les entrailles. :-) Bonne journée peter

Glenn Standish said...

Wow...some amazing artwork...thanks for sharing it with us!

Cergie said...

Très beau message. Tu as ressitué parfaitemnt (et en résumant très bien), l'oeuvre, la vie et l'environnement de travail de cet artiste. Il est notable comme Paris a attiré des créateurs du monde entier (dt Van gogh bien sûr) et nous avons de la chance de pouvoir nous rendre sur leurs lieux de création.
J'adore la maison de Zadkine, elle toute seule vaudrait déjà le déplacemt, avec cette façon dt les petits bâtiments st disposés tout autour du joli petit jardin. J'avoue qu'une si jolie maison située si près du jardin du Luxembourg où ttes les stars font du jogging ne me déplairait pas...

Cergie said...

Félicitation pour ta nouvelle médaille. A quand la légion d'honneur ?
Ou la médaille de la ville de Paris, tu mériterais c'est sûr....

Anonymous said...

The artwork is amazing and different. I am like Ming, never heard of him.

Peter said...

Yes, but perhaps not that well known by everybody!

There is not only the Louvre!

Happy you like tem!

Peter said...

drama div@:
When I vist a new place, I'm also more for just walking around and feel the atmosphere, but when you stay longer and have the time... there are some nice museums to see!

Thanks! You learn every day when you blog, don't you?

So you drink a cacao-coffee combination? I concentrate more on just coffee, maybe accompanied by a piece of chocolate.

Peter said...

Tu as visité?

On n'a pas tous le même goût, heureusement! Je vais bientôt montrer d'autres statues qui peut-être te plaisent un peux plus.

There are hundreds of sculptures in the garden, but I believe only one by Zadkine.

Peter said...

Bonjour delicium! Merci pour ces commentaires rafraichissants ! Bonne journée à toi aussi!

That's what I'm here for!

Un grand merci pour ces compliments (et bien sur pour ta photo)!
Une petite maison avec un jardin en plein centre de Paris! Oui, ça fait rêver!!!

Peter said...

Even in our advanced ages, there are still things to learn!

alice said...

L'ateleir de l'artiste, quel bel endroit pour un musée. Mais ces sculptures sont un peu trop torturées à mon goût, comme Lyliane je vais attendre les suivantes!
Et bravo pour cette médaille! Si tu devais les porter à ton revers, la place viendrait bientôt à manquer.

Matritensis said...

Interesting post.
I propose to you a post, i´m a great lover of underground cities.
Are there in Paris something about it? tell us!

Peter said...

Je vais essayer de montrer quelques autres demain - pour vous faire plasir, à toi et à Lyliane.

By underground, I suppose you mean also the Paris métro. I have created "labels" in the right column of my blog. You can click on "subway" or "Paris subway - metro". There are a few posts - more will hopefully come.

Chuckeroon said... more new knowledge. The statues do not appear to be my style, but maybe that's just the selection, or the small photo.

Whatever, the visit was enjoyable.

Matritensis said...

oops, sorry Peter, my english is very bad. No, i talking about archaeological remains, catacombs, bunkers...

Peter said...

I would rather blame myself for the selection or the small photos than blame Zadkine!

OK. The catacombs would probably be an interesting thing and I will find some ruins also for you.

Nathalie said...

Not a huge fan of his work from what I see here, but a very interesting post. A very well deserved Award to you Peter, you are indeed a great blogging friend.

- PS - had to laugh at the address,
101 bus instead of 101 bis

Matritensis said...

Thanks Peter ;)

Peter said...

Thanks! I'm not forgetting that you were one of my masters when I started!
I corrected the "bus". At least my typing error made you laugh!

At your service (but I don't yet know when)!

isabella said...

I was trying to figure out how I heard of the artist...of course, I I haven't, I was thinking of Zinedine Zidane ;-)

Peter said...

Let's see what Zizou will do in a couple of years. One of our former rugby stars (Rives) is now a well known sculptor.

hpy said...

Congratulations for the award, and I can only agree that it was given to the right person. Your comments are always so kind.
And sorry for not commenting yesterday, myMonday was busy, busier than usually, and I must have missed your post.
The Luxembourg garden is a very nice place, with or without those Zadkine sculptures.

Sonia said...

Powerful sculptor, Peter. I never even heard of him. Thanks for intruduce this artist to me! I went to the link and I saw the amazing sculpture named "The Destroyed City".

Congratulations for the award!

MONA said...

Congratulations for the award. No one deserves that one more than you!

Zadkine's sculptures seem interesting!

James Graham said...

Un très bel article, mais comment est possible que personne ne mentionne que Zadkine est Borowski dans Tropique du Cancer!