January 01, 2008

2008 has started!

I had a doubt and it was confirmed that there would again this year not be any fireworks around the Tour Eiffel (completely prohibited in Paris for security reasons), so the decision was finally to go to Montmartre - which also is closer to where I live – of course bringing the compulsory champagne bottle.

The crowd is normally concentrated especially to the Champs Elysées – Tour Eiffel area, but Montmartre was also invaded. About all languages were spoken. The weather was OK; however 2007 ended with a few rain drops. (So far it has not been raining in 2008.)

We had the right to see a demonstration with the theme “No to 2008 !”. A nice crowd invaded the place in front of Sacré Coeur with banderoles and music claiming that they wanted to stop the change of the year. They preferred to keep things as they are and avoid the risk of a lousy year. This has been claimed by them now for a couple of years, but so far without success and also the year 2008 did actually arrive at midnight.

So, sorry, I cannot bring you any photos of the Eiffel Tower with fireworks. We could however from far see the special sparkling lightning of the Tower, which now is offered for five minutes every hour, after dark.

I thought I should quickly bring you these photos with a repeated wish for a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
You can fin the originals of these pictures on my photo blog.
This post requested some efforts. I did it before going late to bed... I think I will leave it here for two days, before making a new post!


alice said...

Chez nous, c'était beaucoup plus calme! A nouveau tous mes voeux pour cette nouvelle année, à toi et toute ta famille, Peter.

Anonymous said...

Peter, you are outdoing yourself.

You are a very special person to me and I really like almost all of your photography. This is a very nice set of photographs as well and well-chosen for this January theme day.

Thanks for all of your visits to my blog in 2007 and I hope and pray you have excellent health and are very happy all the days of your life but especially in this new year 2008.

Happy New Year from Patty and me.

hpy said...

So you have stopped the Absolut drinking and turned to wine and champagne. I can but confirm that it's a very good idea. Last night I drank only - no, mostly a dark brownish beverage known all over the world. We behave very seriously nowadays (!!!) and - for your information, as you asked - I was driving.
Happy New Year from DD, the cats and myself.

Kate said...

Such a crowd! Wonderful photos, too. I cannot imagine why anyone would want to remain in 2007! Internationally it has been a sad year filled with so much misery for our suffering planet. I'm happy to be moving on, and also happy to send you well wishes for 2008, a year in which I hope that you have joyous occasions, good health, and lots of happiness. Cheers!!

Olivier said...

superbe série de photos du réveillon. on était beaucoup moins chez mon frère ;o). Meilleurs voeux en cette année 2008.

Noushy Syah said...

Peter thanks for this lovely event in your place.Hehhehe..thank you also for belated birthday wishes and yeah that's rite perhaps you misread the scale but that's no big deal about it..I had fun really for having a 3 in 1 celebrations every year!!Remember 31st, the last day in every year then perhaps you'll remember me..hehhehe

Though I was on holidays, but blogging is no off for me:)

Nice to see you around and back in blogging again with a new spirit of new year.Happy new year Peter, wishing you and family have a gr8 and prosperous year.

Chuckeroon said...

All good to you for 2008, Peter.

While appreciating all the shots showing the wonderful impression of Paris at New Year, I found I liked most of all the top one, the headliner, with the crowd sitting, and waiting, in anticipation (?.)

Tks for all your visits - (and Karl M assures you that he will be back)

SusuPetal said...

Hahha, funny demonstration!

Have an inspirational year 2008, Peter!

isabella said...

No need to apologize to me - I still have photos of the Bastille Day fireworks around the Tour Eiffel (are they outlawed as well?)

As for the demonstrators - it's a thinly veiled attempt not to pay new year's taxes ;-)

Hope your New Year started off with a bang (I mean the champagne cork, of course!)

Sonia said...

Thanks for your nice greetings! I also wish to you and yours beloved ones a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!

Love those photos! Paris always look to me a "Marvelous Party"! "Maravilhosa Festa" in Portuguese.

Mélisse said...

Bonne année Peter ! Et merci à toi de nous enchanter chaque jour avec tes photos et tes articles passionnants. Grâce à toi j'ai l'impression d'être toujours en voyage dans notre belle capitale !

Richard said...

Happy New Year Peter!

I'm glad to see that this sort of local gathering and celebration is still possible. In Edinburgh, my home town, this was always the case when people gathered in the High Street at the Tron Kirk and exchanged greetings, drinks and kisses. Nowadays however the centre of Edinburgh has been turned into a commercial extravaganza, with roads blocked off and entry only permitted by ticket, even if you are a resident of the city, but outside the centre. Shame!

http://fiatlux.lasiate.com said...

un feu d'articice de photos pour commencer l'anne! ingatiguable ;)

Ash said...

Happy new year Peter. Have a wonderful 2008!!!

Cergie said...

Que de souvenirs tu évoques pour moi de ces soirées au milieu de la foule avec les enfants.
Nous avions l'habitude de descendre les Champs et finalement reprendre le RER (gratuit) aux Grands Magasins.
Regarder Paris de loin, et loin de la foule par contre, nous l'avons fait depuis les douze colonnes de Cergy pour le passage à l'an 2000 et cela a été féérique aussi d'assister de loin à la liesse de la capitale

J'aime particulièrement ta photo du Molin Rouge, peut être parce qu'elle est belle mais aussi parce qu'il est situé près de "la Cigale" ?

Zhang said...

Merci de ne pas oublier tes lecteurs à l'occasion de cette grande fête. Que cette nouvelle année soit bonne et heureuse pour toi. 新年快乐.

Peter said...

alice, oldmanlincoln:
Thanks for you nice words and wishes.

Don't try to give me some false reputation. You very wekk know that I was never an Absolut drinker, only "forced" to consume Koskenkorva and similar stuff when visiting your home country. Generally speaking I have been a civilised wine and champagne drinker since I moved to France. ... and I generally, as you, try to avoid that "brownish beverage...", at least together with a meal.
Best wishes also to you, to DD and to the cats!

Peter said...

Merci!! (Juste une petite correction: Il ne s'agit pas du Moulin Rouge, mais du Restaurant Moulin de la Galette avec son faux moulin.)

All others:
Thanks for your kind words and wishes ... and the same to you!!

Neva said...

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.