March 26, 2007

I went to a concert tonight (Monday 26/3). Just round the corner. This is the entrance with the publicity for the concert "scotched" on the door.

The theatre is called "Théâtre des Muses", has some 50 places, whereof I guess finally 40 were occupied. In the same building there is a school for music and dancing and a shop where you can find all kinds of partitures and books about music.

We listened to a Japanese young pianist, called Kanae Endo. She played Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Schumann and Liszt. I think it was extremely good. However, if you consider that the concert was free of charge (you were free to participate if you felt like it - which I did) and if you also consider the years of training and preparation to reach such a level... you feel somehow ashamed that you have been earning your life with so comparatively limited skills, even in your own "speciality".

She had been winning some prizes and I hope she will have a lot of success! But there are so many of them...

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lyliane said...

Un avant goût de la salle Pleyel?