March 29, 2007


Cergie, who visited my blog today for the first time, made a reference to Lycée Chaptal. It's certainly one of the most beautiful "lycées" in Paris, situated on Avenue des Batignolles. Here is what it looks like (with a Guimard métro entrance in front on one of the photos - good link from yesterday).
My daughter has been inside the building and it's according to her "fantastic".
The lycée is classified among the top ones in Paris. A number of famous persons have attended the school. One of them is our future president (???) Sarkozy, who doubled one year.


lyliane said...

Et pourquoi pas ta fille dans une dizaine d'années? Enfin nous aurions une femme présidente, jeune et jolie, ce qui ne gâte rien.

stephanie said...

Il faut d'abord que je devienne ministre de la justice, on verra après... si j'ai le temps de faire un tour à l'élysée... pourquoi pas