March 28, 2007

This is what I saw when I stepped out of the metro station yesterday afternoon. The Sacre-Coeur in the background reminded me about a small celebration which took place recently. Kaisa from Kemi once had a dream: To drink a glass (or two) of champagne on the steps in front of the church. So when she was in Paris together with some other Stora Enso friends in the beginning of the month - Gabi, Maria, Valérie and Jürgen - we did it! We then had a dinner and some more champagne in my new flat. I like champagne - and to be together with friends. Welcome back! Also others are welcome... there is always a bottle in my fridge.


Tupu said...

Hello peter!
You know I like champagne, too! Next time 'on fai une coupe'. Your 'blog'looks very nice!

Cheers, Tuula

Peter said...

Hi Tuula,

Nice that you had a look! Looking forward to have a "coupe" or two with you, whenever, hopefully soonest.

Kaisa said...

Hi Peter!
My dream to see Sacre Coeuer was 32 years old! It was mature enough to come true. Next time I'll take care of the Veuve Clicquout :)