May 02, 2007

"The Chained-up Duck"

Every Wednesday I buy "Le Canard Enchaîné" = The Chained-up Duck ("Canard" in French is slang for newspaper). I's a satirical weekly, founded in 1915.

It gives you all kinds of stories from "behind the curtains" within the French political and business world.

It's independent (contains no ads). It has a fantastic information network. What they tell is mostly not meant to be official, but is in general true (they hardly ever lose their numerous law cases). It's feared, but read, by most leading personalities. Quite a few scandals have been revealed and even led to resignation of ministers and others. (They are never dealing with extramartial activites or similar - hardly touched in the French press.)

... but, especially, it gives you a lot of fun. They have some very good journalists and cartoonists.

I guess the British "Private Eye" is something similar?


Nathalie said...

Dear Peter
Thanks for dropping by regularly on Sydney Daily Snap, your comments are always very much appreciated.

Bravo pour cet hommage au Canard Enchainé, que serait la scène politique française sans lui ?
Ca me fait plaisir que tu lises ce canard !

Cergie said...

AH ! Le volatile comme disait le Général de Gaulle !!!
Mon mari l'achète toute les semaines
Mais son cousin l'achète et surtout le lit jusqu'à la dernière ligne. Il le connait par coeur et ça c'est méritoire

magiceye said...

ah must be a very powerful paper scaring the politicians! very good. true to the saying 'power of the pen mightier than the sword'!

Anonymous said...

I think your photograph says it all. While I cannot read the headline your narrative provided the clues. We need more information and not less.