May 12, 2007


Madeleine McCann, aged 3, was abducted form Praia da Luz in Portugal, May 3 and is still missing. Contrary to what's happening in many other countries, this is rather discretely handled in French newsmedia. I would recommend to go to Lynn , one in our blogging family, for further information.
I added a second photo (May 12).


lynn said...

Thank you so much for doing this Peter. The more people who see and know of Madeleine's plight, the more chance someone will spot her somewhere in the world. For this purpose, our blogging family could prove to be so useful! Constant updates at my blog. Thanks again.

hpy said...

Even blogs can spread information.

Nathalie said...

Yes Peter I have been at Lynn's too. I am surprised that the French news aren't covering the news any deeper.

I do hope little Madeleine is found safe and sound.

Nathalie said...

Et un autre commentaire qui n'a rien à voir : merci pour la photo du tableau que tu as acheté, que j'avais manquée. Je suis ravie de le voir.

Maintenant je serai curieuse de savoir où sera sa place quand il aura passé assez de temps au sol en attente de l'emplacement juste.

Anonymous said...

im surprised how people are surprised that this news isn't covered much in their countrie, whereas im actually surprised you know about it at all.
kids of different ages go missing in every country all the time. in england we only get big media coverage of missing children during the holiday season, especially the summer, generally because its quiet in the news front anywhere else.
this current story is going to be a big because its a young british child who has gone missing abroad.
but you only have to look at the british missing peoples website to see so many other missing kids, why do never even get a mention in the mainstream press at all?

Anonymous said...

just wanted to add:
i hope they find they little girl soon. i hope to god they didn't hurt her, i hope she's ok. god i can't imagine what her or her parents are going through. i keep thinking about how scared this girl might be. it's heartbreaking.

i just find it annoying sometimes, that other missing kids don't get the same coverage. and yet at the same time i hate some of the british press who encourage their readers to buy more than one copy of their newspaper to get more of the missing child posters to put up on our windows. :(

krystyna said...

Hi Peter!
Thanks for sharing this. I live with hope and pray for her and her parents. So sad.

Have a blessing weekend!

Cuckoo said...

I just don't have words to say anything. I read in newspapers abut her but that's it. No further break-though.

May God give her parents to cope with this situation.

lyliane said...

C'est bien malheureux que la peine de mort ai été supprimée pour ces crimes envers des enfants, ces bêtes sauvages n'ont pas le droit de vivre.

Peter said...


La peine de mort est un autre débat.

Cergie said...

il y a tant de disparitions d'enfants ! Cela arrive si vite, même sans qu'il y ait enlèvement...
Quand cela t'arrive !
Mon dieu, la plupart du temps heureusement cela se termine bien. J'ai perdu mon fils de 4 ans ds la foule et heureusement comme il a le sens de l'orietation et aussi il y a eu quelqu'un pour le retenir
Et ma fille aussi une fois
Le goût de cendre que tu as dans la bouche !
Jusqu'à ce que tu retrouves ton enfant... Tout peut arriver.

lyliane said...

Je sais Peter, mais si il y avait des peines exemplaires, ces rapts d'enfants seraient moindre je pense.
Quelqu'un m'avait dit au bureau:"je suis contre la peine de mort" je lui avait dit :"mais si c'était votre enfant?", la réponse: ah! là ce ne serait pas pareil!!!! Je ne l'oublierai jamais.