May 31, 2007

I met somone...

More for the French readers than for the rest of you; I just wanted to tell a small story.

I incidentally met Yvan le Bolloc’h in the street on Monday afternoon. Yvan is famous in France as actor, director, writer and he is a well-known TV personality. I happened to know that, more or less for fun, he has now created some kind of music show together with a group of gypsies (“Yvan le Bolloc’h & Ma Guitare s’appelle Reviens”); it’s definitively not the kind of show where you would expect him. We talked for some ten minutes, we took a photo together (unfortunately not excellent, it was more or less raining) and I promised to attend to his show. He was really nice!

Tonight I went to the very small theatre where they perform (last performance tomorrow) together with my daughter and her boyfriend. We really enjoyed it! They all together - the gypsies of course here being the real playing and singing artists - made a fantastic show. The audience participated by singing, great applauses and bravos!

Afterwards, over a glass, the artists mixed with the spectators. Yvan recognised me and we again exchanged a few words. (Once more for the French readers: I also met Bruno Solo!)

This has started very discretely, but we will see if they can develop it to something for bigger audiences.

(Yvan is the one with some kind of blue shirt in the middle of the photo.)


Mystic Rose said...

I enjoyed reading this little snippet. Although I do not know the actors you ahve mentioned.. it IS a nice story, esp when I also hear that most of the gypsies in Europe are not treated well.

bv said...

it's good to see that big TV stars still spend time performing in small theaters.
and good on you Peter to support them.

Olivier said...

tu fais dans la presse people ;o) une belle rencontre

objectif-p said...

oh! c'est sympa comme photo!

lyliane said...

A Paris et dans les alentours, j'ai rencontré beaucoup d'artistes plus ou moins sympa. J'avais comme connaissance Henri Genès et sa femme Janette Baty (Génération d'avant moi) elle se serait bien entendue avec toi, elle ne buvait que du champagne.!!

hpy said...

In Paris you can meet, or just see famous people quite easily. Last time I had lunch in Paris, Jean Roucas and somebody whose name I have forgotten sat at a table not far from us. And where I used to live when living in Paris, I even saw Madame de Gaulle.

Glenn Standish said...

Nice to be introduced to a French celebrity on your blog! Thanks for visiting Toruń Daily Photo today. I have already replied to your comment!!

Nathalie said...

Oh. mingling with celebrites!
Next time you have lunch with Nicolas S., please let us know!

Peter said...


OK, but normally I thought to use the blog only for more EXCEPTIONAL events.


Yes of course you meet and recognise a lot of famous people when you walk around, visit bars and restaurants... Normally I would leave them in peace, but this came very naturally and as I had just read about Yvan's new activities, I thought I could dare to disturb him. He was very smiling and communicative.

Anonymous said...

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