May 05, 2007

Still Life

I went to the cinema today. I'm quite fond of Asian films, more particularly the calmer type with stories from "real life". There have been quite a few of them lately.

The Chinese film I watched is called "Still Life" (Sanxia haoren - 三峡好人) and started its Paris career this week in a rather limited number of cinemas. I thought the place would as often be half empty. Surprise. I could hardly get in, people struggled to get a place and two rather distinguished gentlemen, even more surprisingly, started to fight - courageously stopped by an elderly woman.

There are two parallel stories about a husband looking for his wife and a wife looking for her husband. The (slow) action takes place in a small town which will be flooded due the construction of the Three Gorge dam on the Yangtze river (totally some 1,4 million people will be displaced).

The film got the Golden Lion Award in the last Venice film festival. I liked it a lot.

Tomorrow, Sunday, cinemas will be empty. At 20 hours we will get the result of the presidential elections.


Zhang said...

Comment refuser d'aller voir un film dont tu as fait de bonnes critiques? Bon, je vais y aller alors, pas demain.

Anonymous said...

I read your commentary with interest about Chinese films and I should agree with you except my preference is Japanese film of the old days. Just the typical ruaral Japanese farmers and their daily lives. It was hard. I lived there from 1953 to 1956 as a soldier but spent all my spare time taking photographs. Those are housed in the Sendai shi Museum of History and Folklore and are used by students and others who want to know what life was like during the period of reconstruction.

I came here to answer your question, "What did you have against the red color?"

Actually, the red was OK but for most of 40 years the shop/shed was green and only painted red last summer as I recall. It was like a sore thumb after so many years being green so I painted it. It took me two days.

I appreciate your visits and comments on my blog. Thank you for that.

isabella said...

As soon as you mentioned the Chinese film, I thought of "La Pogode" movie theatre in the 7th - have you been there? It would be befitting to see an Asian film in Asian surroundings...

PS We both have posts about movies today ;-)

Shionge said...

Hey glad you enjoyed this Chinese Film Peter :D I shall look out for it too.