June 02, 2007

A different metro entrance

I have previously already talked about the Paris metro entrances and especially the ones designed by Hector Guimard. Most of them are there since about hundred years (the Paris metro was inaugurated in 1900).

Here is another, new and very different one, “Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre”. It was placed there in 2000 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Paris metro. It has got a name, “Kiosque des Noctambules” (Kiosk of the night-walkers), but I took my photos in daytime. There are actually two copulas, one for the night, one for the day, all made of murano glass and aluminium.
I like it a lot, but it has of course been criticized. … and you, what do you think?

You can find it just between the Louvre and the Palais Royal, another beautiful place. I will bring you there soon.
You can find the photos from this pachwork in my other blog, "Peter - photos".


catherine said...

Bonjour !
ici on peut poster ?
J'adore les couleurs et les formes de cette nouvelle station de métro
On dirait du Gaudi celui du Parque Guell.
Il faudra nous faire écouter le groupe de Le Bolloc'h un de ces jours
(un breton comme moi, qui aime les gipsies comme moi)

Peter said...

Yes there may be some Gaudi influence.

Happy you like it. Of course it is difficult to compete with the Guimard ones, but it is also good that one tries to do something different.

You ask about the music from the group I listened to the other day. There is a CD available, "Yvan le Bolloc'h & La guitare s'appelle Reviens".

I have also learnt to like the gypsie music. I'm quite often in Arles, the home of the Gypsie Kings and, especially, I have been to some magic places in Andalusia, not the tourist ones, some REAL ones!

Crow said...

in fact all the photos in ur blog is very interesting...great and well-done blog

hpy said...

Je pense qu'on doit mieux voir dans la réalité, sur une photo ça fait un peu foire-fouilles! (On a bien le droit de critiquer aussi!)

Chuckeroon said...

Criticised? Why?. It is more than 10 yrs since I visited Paris. I like to see the changes you and Eric show. Like London "it's changing". That's a positive change. There are also many negatives in Paris and London these days. "Times are changing" as Dillon sang. (However, I've noticed that CDP shows us that many of our City Stresses are not unique....the same issues are there all over Europe, and elsewhere)

Tks for your perceptive comment on my "Dunkirk" photo.


alice said...

Je l'aime bien, moi, tout ce qui égaie le métro me semble bon à prendre...

April said...

You know what I think about it, Peter ;-) And again the question arises: What is art? When I went to Stammheimer Schlosspark some days ago (sculptures) I sometimes shook my head ... Perhaps that's what the artist intend: a discussion.

Your photos of this métro entrance are great and I'm glad you show it. When I saw it some 2 or 3 years ago I thought it was only temporary. The photos I took were not good but now I can look at your wonderful ones.

Regine said...

i read your post about Marie Antoinette - interesting, a bit more historic post than mine. I think i'll read the novel too, about her life. The whole story.. I'm just so fascinated by her!

Anonymous said...

I find it quite "different" but we do not have anything to compare to this where I live and I would have to journey far away to find a city large enough to support anything like it.


Today, I published a nest photograph and some details about its construction; and a link to some dead birds with an explanation. Oh; and thanks for coming to my blog and leaving comments. I do appreciate it.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo
My Photography

Shionge said...

Eh...eh...eh...is this a new design coz when I was there in Year 2004 I did not spot this at all hmmmm....and I was travelling on the metro everyday..and...and..I visited the Lourve three times during my two weeks' there.

It is gorgeous Peter :D

GMG said...

Hi Peter, this one is amazing. I stayed several times at the Hotel du Louvre just in front and one or two at the Citadines Louvre close by and always found this entrance rather weird... Nice combination to the Comédie Française and Monsieur Jean Baptiste Poquelin...

Peter said...


Oui, on n'est pas obligé d'aimer. J'ai demandé vos opinions!

Yes, times are changing! Often to something better, but not always.

Je suis d'accord avec toi (bien sur)!

It's actually surprising how little you remark this thing, which normally should lead to reactions, positive or negative!

Happy to see you on my blog! Whatever you thing about Marie Antoinette and the film about her, it's a really fascinating story!

abraham lincoln:
"Different" is a very neutral opinion. Do you have some Swiss or Swedish ancestors mixed up with all the American historical persons?

It's there since 2000, but surprisingly enough few people pay attention.

"Weird". Another rather but perhaps not quite neutral opinion. At least, you noticed it!

Martel said...

it is really surprising. I like much. To answer your question, this shop belonged to the arrears grandparent of Olivier (Evry Blog, it is a friend, it is him which said to me to make this blog ). With died of late the grandmother, drapery closed.

My blog photographs on the town of Martel

Peter said...

Thanks for your - interesting - answer to my question on your blog! The "blogging family" is large, but small.

Sonia A. Mascaro said...

It is really amazing! I like it!

Thanks for your nice comment on Bookshelves Post! Have a good weekend!

MONA said...

Peter! I see you have another blog treat in store for us :) :) :)

I really love this structure. It is unique in itself & incomparable.

I love glass work, specially stained glass art.

You are very talented Peter. I just marvel at the photos here. I love the one where sunshine strams through leaves. Some of them are unbelievable here!

I'm glad I could make you laugh that much with my HNT.When someone says that to me, I feel so blessed & connected.

& I will go & look at your angelic Paloma once more!!

lyliane said...

C'est curieux cette entrée ! on dirait une couronne de pacotille, mais ce n'est pas laid, avec tout ce que l'on voit maintenant à Paris.
Merci pour les marques h&m et Etam, car ce sont ",plutôt" des vêtements pour les jeunes, j'ai rêvé toute ma vie et je continue.. mais le proverbe dit:" l'espoir fait vivre"!!!...

Kuanyin said...

I surfed here from Blogtrotters blog...and I see lots of other DP commentors here. It's my first time here, and so I'm delighting in your photos.

April said...

Peter, I reacted already in your other blog before you posted it here.

Peter said...

Good! One more!

I appreciate what you say here and espacially all you tell on your blog!

Donc, tu aimes assez.

I have seen, thanks!!

Cuckoo said...

Thanks Peter for showing this.

I never saw such entrance for a metro in Paris. I feel like touching them. :)

Sorry. Been very busy for last few days. Read all your posts but won't be able to comment.

Keep posting.

Nathalie said...

Je ne connaissais pas ca, il faudra absolument que je vienne voir lors de mon prochain passage a paris, je trouve ca sublime!

ruth said...

I can't understand why I've never seen this entrance before, but I haven't. I'm not sure what I think, but I'm sure I would stand and stare at this from every angle. It's like beaded jewelry, which I like. So why wouldn't i like it on the sidewalk, right?

Cergie said...

Cela me fait penser à la tour Eiffel qui avait été érigée provisoirement
J'aime bien ces entrées, cela change et c'est joyeux
En plus cela a l'air de bonne qualité

stephanie said...

J'aime beaucoup cette entrée de métro aussi. Elle est vraiment pas loin de l'entrée principale du Louvre pour ceux qui visitent ou visiteront Paris. Je conseille aussi à tout le monde de boire un petit café sur la terrasse du café juste à côté de la station de métro... très sympa.

black feline said...

great work nonetheless...when i was in spain...Gaudi's works are simply mind boggling...awesome!

Per Stromsjo said...
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Per Stromsjo said...

The link got too long and was broken, I'll try again...

Great Peter, this is instantly one of my subway favourites by others. A link to the collection can be found under "plenty of subways" on http://www.stockholmbyplenty.com/

Cheers from Stockholm.

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