February 01, 2008

Ile Saint Louis (2)

Next episode on Ile Saint Louis will be to visit the central street of the island, but today let’s make a quick visit to the church “Saint-Louis-en-l’Ile”. It replaced a chapel where (the later saint) Vincent de Paul was active.

What is a bit special is that the church is completely squeezed in between other buildings on the island’s main street and not so clearly visible from the outside, except for the tower and the clock on the wall.

The construction of the church started in 1664 and was basically finished nine years later, but several modifications took place and the church was officially inaugurated only in 1726. As most other churches, this one suffered also from the Revolution and it was restored during the 19th century. This is a typical Jesuit type of church in baroque style.
The interior of the organ was also destroyed during the Revolution, but it’s now (2004) completely rebuilt in a combination of old material and modern technology. It is said to be an excellent one. The church is actually known for a summer music festival and is also in general frequently used for concerts. The doors are often closed for repetitions.

A few of these pictures can also be seen on my photo blog.

Have a nice weekend! See you Monday with the last Ile Saint Louis episode.


isabella said...

"...the church is completely squeezed in between other buildings on the island’s main street and not so clearly visible from the outside". How right you are! I visited the island many times and never noticed it!
Another reason to revisit Paris ;-)

Have a great weekend!

Annie said...

What a contrast there is, between the tight spaces outside and the open, blooming space inside.

SusuPetal said...

Have a relaxing weekend, Peter.

lyliane said...

On se croirait dans les églises de Prague.
Tu as aimé mon épisode italien?
hé oui! j'étais jeune, libre, j'avais du succès. Sacré Delphinium elle a déliré un max, quel fou rire!.
Bon week end, je vais à Paris aujourd'hui encore, mais en train.

alice said...

Tu as donc eu la chance de trouver les portes ouvertes. Bon week end, Peter. On se retrouve la semaine prochaine dans la rue Saint Louis en l'Ile, je connais un bon restau!

Olivier said...

cette église est vraiment très belle, je ne savais pas que les orgues avaient été refaite, il va falloir vraiment que je refasse une promenade dans ce coin.
Bon Weekend

Olivier said...

je vois que chez Alice tu parles du choix d'Eric pour le theme, j'ai bien aime son choix avec ce superbe collage

delphinium said...

Très belle photos des orgues. J'aimerais bien aller tapoter dessus. Et Olivier pourrait m'accompagner en soufflant dans son olifant. :-)

Olivier said...

moi j'veux pas jouer de l'olifant
"Moi j'veux jouer de l'hélicon
Pon pon pon pon"

hpy said...

Ca délire partout ce matin - et moi qui n ai pas le temps.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine anything this old that still looks good and is in use. Most of our buildings have fallen down before they reach 100 years and sometimes they fall down with people in them.

Peter said...

I had heard about the chruch and had the chaance to find the door open! Only one other visitor!


The same to you!

Peter said...

Sage décision!

Oui, la rue est plein de restaurants! Tu me donnes ton addresse?

Peut-être ce weekend, malgré pluie et vent?

Delphinium said...

Si Olivier ne veut pas jouer de l'olifant, je lâche les éléphants.

Peter said...

Delphinium a répondu à ton refus! Attention!!
Maintenant, si tu préfères l'hélicon, ça peut éventuellement se discuter? Delphinium, qu'est que tu penses?

Oui, il ne faut pas délirer en travaillant!

Yes, I believe that these old buildings were made to last. How many of the more recent buildings will resist and be there for posts and comments of the "bloggers" of the coming centuries?

C'est vrai qu'il n'est pas très coopératif, notre Olivier, mais s'il es d'accord pour jouer de l'helicon, tu serais d'accord? ... comme compromis?

Cergie said...

Quel bel organe !

Peter said...

On dit orgue! :-))) (Ou tu t'es trompé de site dans tes commentaires?)

Noushy Syah said...

Interior deco of the church is unique and beautiful.Look spacious though..

Have a nice w/end and cu on Monday.
Take care.

krystyna said...

Hi Peter!
You reminded about my lovely Polish composer and pianist - Frideric Chopin. I love his misic. He lived in Paris and had an intimate relationship with French writer George Sand. And he died in Paris(1849), but he was deeply loyal to Poland.
Thank you for this reminder and great posts and photos.

krystyna said...

Have a wonderful weekend!

I took the one of your great photos and put it at my blog. Is it ok?

Azer Mantessa said...

fantastic interior design!

some of my furniture now is like wreaking ... errr ... i wonder, does quality these days deteriorating unlike those days which are made for long-lasting ... some of mine are italians ... people do say, my kids are monstrous type ... my in-laws say i suck when comes to maintenance ... erks ... yikes

lasiate said...

tu es un photographe compulsif!!! je n'ai jamais vu Paris disséqué de cette manière!Merci

Peter said...

Thanks for your nice wishes (which I read too late)!

I know about Chopin. I have already mentioned him in several earlier posts.

krystyna bis:
I saw it! Of course I agree! I feel honored!

Peter said...

Today you don't build or manufacture long lasting things!

Oui, je sais; je ne sais pas choisir une seule photo!