April 18, 2007

45 years jubileum

In a previous message I referred to a meeting to be held, celebrating the 45 years of our baccalaureat. We were some 20 to meet out of a class of 28. The faces have somewhat changed, compared to the 1962 picture, but not enough to hinder us from recognising each other. We had a really nice (almost) summer weather. We visited our old school, had a dinner together... . There were some ambassadors, doctors, professors, school principals, "businessmen"... a few retired, grandfathers...
We spent between 4 and 8 years together, not only at school, but many of us also during "non-office" hours, meaning common memories of (common) girlfriends etc.

We plan to meet again for the 50 years and then normally all retired.


hpy said...

Welcome back. (I guess you had a good trip. The pictures give a good, warm impression.)

lyliane said...

Est tu sûr que tu faisais parti de cette promotion? Tu fais encore gamin à côté d'eux!!!