April 03, 2007


Noon. A short siesta.
The word "siesta" comes from "hora sexta". The Romans had a special time table, which started with dawn and varied between winter and summer. The "hora sexta" was always around noon.
To make a break at noon is - or has been - a wide spread habit, perhaps more in the part of the world where the afternoons are too hot for working. The word "siesta" can be replaced by "reposo", "afternoon nap", "xiuxi"... Some countries seem even to have it as a constitutional right to make a break during the day.
I have now all my time to make a "siesta", almost every day, but it's not yet a habit.


hpy said...

Très bonne idée, mais j'ai rarement le temps.

lyliane said...

Comme l'on peux marcher sur les pelouses des parcs Parisiens maintenant, tu pourras y aller t'allonger pour une bonne "sieste aux canards".