April 23, 2007


I have lately referred to my school life (you get nostalgic with the age). In the school there is an "aula", where we then all met every morning at 8 o'clock for 15 minutes of morning prayer (how times change). In front of our sleepy eyes we had a huge wall painting, called "Ute blàser sommarvind" (The summer wind is blowing), by a - at least in Sweden - famous painter, Carl Larsson (http://www.clg.se/). The painting was made in 1903. Actually his paintings from his home life are quite widely spread e.g. as Christmas card illustrations. You can still visit his home, called Sundborn (http://www.clg.se/s_index3.htm), in Dalecarlia. It's worth a visit.

A French author, Philippe Delerme wrote a book called "Sundborn ou les jours de lumière", which got the "Prix des libraires" in 1997. You can still buy it (http://www4.fnac.com/Shelf/article.aspx?PRID=4859).


hpy said...

Morgonbon. Sag pa tv igar kvall att de nagonstans i Kina har morgongymnastik i stallet. Kanske inte sa illa!

lyliane said...

Je voudrai tant connaître le suédois, mais hélas il est trop tard pour l'apprendre à cause de ma mémoire vieillissante et défaillante.

Maria O. Russell said...

A few days before leaving for the United States on February 2010, I was browsing around my favorite bookstore in Paraguay. I needed a birthday gift for Ramon, an architect and husband of one of my closest friends. I love books by Editorial Taschen and that day they had several new ones. There was one that caught my attention by the beauty of its cover: Two girls standing in what looked like my Grandmother's kitchen so long ago. The dominant color was this sunshine yellow that I thought so beautiful! I was fascinated by the pictures. The front cover had a name, Carl Larsson. I decided to buy the book for Ramon, thinking he being an architect, he probably heard of the artist. Later he confided he had never heard of Carl and that it was a new source of inspiration for him when designing interiors for his houses. I read that in 1876 Carl won the Royal Medal, the Royal Academy of Art's highest honor, but that spring a fellow student Vilhemina Holmgren, died while giving birth to her and Carl's second child. Devastated, Carl left Sweden for Paris soon after. This post is wonderful! Thank you Peter.