April 04, 2007

Polish school

A few days ago, I talked about the Lycée Chaptal. We have another beautiful school close to where I live, the Polish school. It's of course much smaller, but it's really nice.
The Polish school in Paris was created in 1842. There were then a lot of Polish immigrants in Paris, the most famous of course being Chopin (http://www.chopin.pl/biografia/index_en.html). The school moved to where it is today in 1874.
The Polish poet, Czeslaw Milosz (http://www.evene.fr/celebre/biographie/czeslaw-milosz-1946.php) , who got the Nobel prize in 1980 (and died in 2004), lived in the same street for a while.


hpy said...

Incredible how many famous men have lived where you now live, and how many famous places you can find in the Batignolles area. Maybe one day we'll see "PHO lived and blogged in this house between 2007 and X".

Peter said...

That was a nice joke, but I will take it as a challenge! There are however some important questions: Will I continue blogging and for how long? It may not only be depending on the "X". ... but for the moment it's fun.

I have to find some new subjects, when I have gone through the list of famous people, not only "men" (as you say). I have a feeling that Amélie Poulain, although working at Montmartre (close), lived at Square de Batignolles? To be checked.

lyliane said...

Je pense exatement comme Hélène, tu deviendras le célèbre et talentueux blogger des Batignolles!!

Amélie Poulain travaillait au café "les deux moulins",comment sais tu qu'il est fermé?